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Imagination club founders: Andy Whittle and Jeffrey Baumgartner

About the Imagination Club

The Imagination Club was started off by Andy Whittle and Jeffrey Baumgartner so long ago, they are not exactly sure when it started, but they think it might have been in 2007. Or maybe earlier. At the time, both were involved in training and facilitation to some extent and used the new Imagination Club as a platform for trying out their techniques. They also invited friends to use the club for the same purpose. Our initial audience was friends and friends of friends.

 Soon, friends were telling friends and the club grew and grew. Nevertheless, the basic concept of a short, experimental, 90 minute workshop on Wednesday evenings has not changed.

Occasionally, Andy and Jeffrey play with other ideas like Serious Waffle Sessions, walks and social meet ups. You can learn more about our activities on the What We Do page or, better still, you can scroll down the page and subscribe to our mailing list to ensure you are invited to all of our activities!

The Founders

Andy Whittle

Andy Whittle

 Andy is a friendly, approachable, fully accredited Life and Executive Coach (PCC) and a Wellbeing Trainer. He is really and truly a people person who loves listening to people’s stories and delving deeper into what is possible for people to achieve. He has a wide experience of working with people and has a knack for designing and delivering workshops and running events, combining several of his passions in one go. 

Andy is a European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) Board member, a faculty member of Kingstown Coaching College, an Associate Tutor for Barefoot Coaching, and has worked at all the main European Institutions and many large and small companies across Europe. He is the co-owner and co-creator of the Imagination Club, a consultant for Talent Interlock as a career advisor and coach as well as working with individual coaching clients and groups.

Learn more about Andy and his work at

Jeffrey Baumgartner

Jeffrey BaumgartnerJeffrey is the author of four books, including The Insane Journey (science fiction humour novel), Anticonventional Thinking (creativity), The Way of the Innovation Master (business innovation) and The Adventures of Felicity Holmes (literary hack). His current projects include: Jeffosophy - essays on stuff that he has learned over the years; - a collection of his recent artwork; and Kwerps - reflections on international living and travel.

Jeffrey used to speak and deliver workshops on creativity, business innovation and imagination around the world. He's taught creative thinking and innovation techniques to teams in a variety of organisations, including FritoLay, Philip Morris International, Genentech, Agra, Afton Chemical, the Algarve region of Portugal, the Dubai Prime Minister's Office, Almajduie, the European Commission and more.

And, of course, he is the co-founder and co-manager of the Imagination Club.


Creative Contributors

Photographs of the Imagination Club in action are by Roberta Cacciaglia. Check out her Facebook page here...

Our logo was designed by Kevin Scarlet, founder of Scarlet Design. Check out their web site here...


Sister Imagination Clubs Around the World

Over the years, a few people have started Imagination Clubs in their cities. This is something we encourage. Moreover, we consider the club to be an open source project, so you are free to use our model. So, if you'd like to start an Imagination Club, please get in touch.

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Imagination Club Netherlands (Nijmegen) Web site

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Interested in setting up an Imagination Club? Get in touch with us. We would be delighted to support you!



Upcoming Events


12 June 2024 - Workshop: The Fundamentals of Psychological Safety by Andy Whittle

26 June 2024 - Workshop: Applying Insights Discovery Model for Better Communication by Maxime Hollande

July - August: summer break. Regular workshops resume in September

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Workshops are subject to change




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