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Workshops at the Imagination Club

For more than 17 years, the Imagination Club has been hosting short, experimental workshops on all kinds of subjects.

We provide facilitators and trainers with a safe space for trying out new workshops, content and/or techniques with an international group of participants. Afterwards, we invite the participants to give feedback to the facilitator. For the facilitator, it's a great opportunity to try out ideas before using them professionally. For the audience, it is an opportunity to learn something new in a short, safe 90 minute workshop. Moreover, participants know that workshops at the club are not going to be sales pitches. For everyone, it is a chance to meet new people, share knowledge and discover.

Workshops are on all kinds of topics, such as creativity, anger management, how to dress for business, happiness, managing stress, dealing with conflicts, asking questions, marketing your business on social media, weight management and much, much more.

Would You Like to Do a Workshop with Us?

We are always looking for people to give workshops at the Imagination Club. Whether you are a seasoned professional or a complete beginner, you are welcome to try out your workshop at the club. Follow this link for more information, available dates and a video on how to do a workshop.


If you want to see what kind of workshops we have done over the years, please visit our Workshop Archives.





Upcoming Events

27 July 2024 - Imagination Club Summer Barbecue

July - August: summer break. Regular workshops resume in September

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Workshops are subject to change




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