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You are invited to join us for the first ever meeting of

the Brussels Imagination Club Sunday Afternoon Culture Group The Museum of Modern Art on Sunday, 30 March at 14.00.

The aim is to have an enjoyable and cultural Sunday afternoon. The plan is to meet at the front entrance (so don't be late!), spend a couple hours enjoying the exhibition and then have a drink and/or snack afterwards. Do note that this will not be an organised tour.

There is no donation requested for this event, but everyone is asked to pay his or her own admission fees, etc.

The Sunday Afternoon Culture Group is a new concept. The aim is to get together and do something at least somewhat cultural on what is for many an otherwise quiet day. We hope to meet once or twice a month on Sunday afternoons, depending on interest.

Help wanted: if you are knowledgeable about what's happening in Brussels and would be willing to identify and help plan Sunday Afternoon activities, please let me know. Your help would be much appreciated!


Please reply to your invitation e-mail or use this form to let us know whether or not you will be joining us.


Date: Sunday, 30 March 2008
Time:14.00 to ???
Place: Museum of Modern Art (Musée d'Art Moderne / Het Museum voor Moderne Kunst)
Rue de la Régence 3, 1000 Brussels
Cost: None, everyone pays his or her own way


Maybe Coming
Not Coming

Jeffrey Baumgartner

Julie Arts

Catherine Van Aken

Gordon Buhagiar

Anke Thiel

Fatuma Tepatondele

Lodewijk Regout

Pablo Picasso

Shauna Mullan

Christine Horyslawsky

Ingrid Wolpert

Mette Wibeck

Carolyn Dare

Hannah Noeth


How about you? Would you like to attend this workshop? Click here and let us know.

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