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You are warmly welcome to join the Imagination Club on Wednesday, 11 February at 18h45 for an interactive workshop on:

Appreciative Inquiry

"Appreciative Inquiry (AI) is the cooperative search for the best in people, their organizations and the world around them. It involves the systematic discovery of what gives a system 'life' when it is most effective and capable in economic, ecological, and human terms. AI involves the art and practice of asking questions that strengthen a system's capacity to heighten positive potential. It mobilizes inquiry through crafting an 'unconditional positive question' often involving hundreds or sometimes thousands of people." (1)

In this workshop, you will learn the basics of AI through an explanation of the basic theory and the opportunity to try out AI in group exercises. You will even get some great references for further study.

Do you want a little taste of AI? Then the next time you want to ask: "how are you?" ask instead "what was your best moment today?" You'll be impressed with the results!

This workshop will be facilitated by Sigrid Ramault

(1) Cooperrider, D.L. & Whitney, D., "Appreciative Inquiry: A positive revolution in change." In P. Holman & T. Devane (eds.), The Change Handbook, Berrett-Koehler Publishers, Inc., pages 245-263.


Locating Energy for Change - introduction to AI (PDF file)

Selected literature (PDF file)

Valentine's AI (PDF file)


Please reply to your invitation e-mail or follow this link to sign up for for this workshop.


Date: Wednesday, 11 February 2009
Time:18.45 to 20.30

Institute of Cultural Affairs
Rue Amedee Lynen 8 -
1210 Brussels (St Josse/Sint Joost)
Nearest metro: Madou (5 minute walk)

Cost: A donation of €10 to cover expenses including room rental, materials, drinks, snacks, etc.
Maybe Coming
  1. Andy Whittle
  2. Jeffrey Baumgartner
  3. Sigrid Ramault
  4. Lodewijk Regout
  5. Ingrid Kreksch
  6. Koen Dumont
  7. Sylvain Gille
  8. Sinziana Gille
  9. Jennifer Palumbo
  10. Richard Bishop
  11. Heikki Valisuo
  12. MF
  13. Julia Stewart-David
  14. Annette Monreal
  15. April Bilbrey
  16. Carolyn Dare
  17. Ana Escarpenter
  18. Kim Slattery
  19. Anna Hedrzak
  20. Lieven Vlyminck
  21. Bob Ward



How about you? Would you like to attend this workshop? Click here and let us know.

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